Scheffmann Consulting

In 2001 we started to deliver consulting projects in Germany, Indonesia, China and Singapore. Since then we are focusing on South East Asia as the key growth market. 

We firmly believe in value creation and fully share our expertise
with our clients to work result oriented and to progress together.

  Tim Scheffmann (CEO and Chairman)

  Tim has a strong record in international project management.
  He managed up to 30 employees & multi-million US$ projects.
  As a banker he worked 20 years+ in the financial industry (incl.
  retail banking, asset management). 6 years he worked within           International Wealth at Credit Suisse (based in Zurich, New York  
  and Singapore). He holds a degree as a Master of Banking and  
   Finance (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management).

  Tim is a fire fighter in the financial world. No financial problem is
  too big for him to handle. 


  Than Zaw Soe (Consultant)

   Than Zaw Soe worked more than 6 years as communication
   expert and simultaneous interpreter (English to Burmese and
   Burmese to English). He educated more than 200 foreigners
   from every continent in the Burmese culture and language.
  Currently he is working as a consultant in bank sales manage-
   ment and conducts sales trainings in Myanmar. He is    
   fascinated to share ideas, give guidance and teach efficiently. 

We are currently hiring business managers in Myanmar with a strong background in financial services. Please send your application to

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